Posted on Sat 18 June 2016

A summary of Apple's 2016 developer conference

Table of Contents

  1. watchOS
    1. DEV
  2. tvOS
  3. macOS Sierra
  4. iOS 10
    1. General
    2. Siri
    3. Photos
    4. Maps
    5. Music
    6. News
    7. HomeKit
    8. Phone
    9. Messages
  5. Other
  6. Swift (Developers)


  • Optimized
  • Faster app loads supposedly 'instant'
  • Dock/control center similar to ios
  • Scribble for text reply
  • Activity rings
  • 911 / safety features (sos)
  • Activity sharing…ooooh
    • wheelchair functionality
  • Breathing exercises app


  • some background functions
  • Apple pay in apps
  • Fitness sensors in background
    • Gyroscope, heart rate, accelerometer
  • Inline video for apps
  • Available in the Fall 2016


  • 1300 video channels
  • 6000 apps
  • Sling = live cable channels
  • Fox Sports Go
  • Games…(mincraft story mode, NBA 2k, Sketch party)
  • Apple tvRemote functions are now in the iphone app
  • Siri has search…yay
  • Sign in once for all network apps
  • Dark/night mode
  • Fall 2016

macOS Sierra

  • Renamed OSX to macOS
  • Auto-unlock with iWatch/iPhone?
  • Universal clipboard between iDevices
  • iCloud drive mirrors desktop for basic users
  • 'Optimized storage' to help basic users manage their storage
  • Apple Pay on the web verified with touchID
    • Available in many countries including Canada
  • Tabs for any application (no developer interaction required)
  • Picture in picture (cool)
  • Siri on the mac? Shots at windoze
    • Useful with basic fullscreen implementation
  • Public Beta in July, full availability in Fall

iOS 10


  • Gesture added to avoid touch id use…
    • Solves a problem that doesn't need to exist
  • Can actually do things on lockscreen…okay? with 3d touch ooooooh!
  • Redisigned control center
  • Still pretty ugly and not customizable
  • 3d touch


  • Siri is being opened to developers
  • Deep learning for contextual conversations
  • Extracts info from texts
  • Follows you between apps
  • Multilingual keyboard


  • See them on a map
  • Facial recognition by your device
    • also does object recognition
    • allows for crazy search functionality
  • Photo memories like facebook reminders
  • Creates a viewing experience for your media with analysis
    • Easy editing (drag drop kinda simple stuff that's fun once)


  • No one is ever going to use this if they don't have to
  • uses machine learning to understand your travel patterns
  • Includes the traffic data on your route…ooooh!
  • Guess/tells you how long it will take if you stop at certain pit stops
  • Opening to devs
    • extends opentable / uber (possible in maps instead of their own apps?)


  • 15 million paid subs
  • Now playing has barely changed
  • Opens to library Yay!!
  • New sorting category 'Downloaded Music' (maybe I'm old fashioned but I want a music player that is dedicated to local files…)
  • Has lyrics
  • 'For You' section has music currated to you and has a daily playlist
  • 'Browse' top who cares


  • 2000 publications
  • 60 mil users
  • Integrates subscriptions with Nat Geo, Wall st journal


  • Lots of partners
  • 'Home' framework app, also built into control center
    • Secure E2E with use of appleTV
    • Geofencing for location based stuff


  • Voicemail transcription
  • 3rd parties can identify spam calls for you
  • Voip apps extend to the lockscreen for nicer call notification


  • Rich links shows preview within messages
  • Video/audio preview plays within the app
  • 3x bigger emoji….woooooow
  • emoji prediction / translation
  • bubble effects / invisible ink cute
    • "it [Bam!] never gets old"
  • Scribble also available
  • Messages can take over the screen to cause seizures
  • Can 'like' messages. It sticks a little heart on the corner…
  • Open (extensible) to devs for additional messaging apps


  • Notes colaboration for working live with multiple people
  • Conversation view for mail, scroll from message to message
  • Live photos… editable
  • Split view for Safari on iPad

E2E by default for On device intelligence and learning No user profiles Differential privacy to still get your data but keep in anonymous…

Swift (Developers)

  • Open source
  • Swift Playgrounds
    • Learning coding on ipad
    • Super simple, like Scratch
  • New coding keyboard (compare to hackers keyboard)
  • Public beta in July, full availability in Fall 2016, Free