Nathan's life story is one of many twists and turns, ranging from the mundane to the seemingly magical. With a successful musical career under his belt Nathan played with military bands across Canada and received a classical music degree from McGill. Throughout his performance career, he has dabbled in many different aspects of music. Some of the highlights are mouthpiece refacing for woodwinds, arranging for chamber groups, and composition. However, he is seeking new challenges in a different area: Computers. More specifically, having always been interested in computer games and hardware, Nathan built his own personal computer to begin a new path, one filled with late nights and coffee. Some current projects include:

  • Creator of Musicians Toolbox a suite of handy simple tools for music students.
  • Currently working on a tool for real-time sentimental analysis.

Some of Nathan's skills include:

  • Languagues: Java, C, C++, Python, Ruby
  • Web Dev: HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL
  • Development Environment: Emacs, Vim, Eclipse, Visual Studio
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac(OSX), Linux, Android, iOS, ChromeOS

See my work here, or you can contact me directly at