Table of Contents

  1. MusicNate
  6. HomeDashboard
  7. ProntoMusica


  • This website.
  • Made with:
    • Python
    • Pelican
    • Org-Mode (Emacs)
    • Markdown

  • Using positivity_check to do comparative analysis on cryptocurrency prices and social media text.
  • Made with:
    • Python
    • MongoDB

  • Making the world more positive one internet sentence at a time.
  • Uses a naive approach to sentiment analysis, purposefully without context recognition.
  • Gives text a simple numerical score and highlights negative words.
  • Customizable with many different sentiment dictionaries, primarily utilizes AFINN-165
  • Connects with Twitter API and Reddit API for analyzing users and subjects.
  • Made with:
    • Python

  • Pushing for a more approachable means of interpreting the data available at
  • The goal is to be able to create simple graphs quickly and easily.
  • Works with CSV and JSON
  • With ~80,000 datasets, universal compatibility is impossible
  • Work in progress.
  • Made with:
    • Python (BeautifulSoup, Pandas, others)

  • A tool to help musicians study for listening exams.
  • Plays a random mp3 from at a random start time to simulate exam situations.
  • Simple gui including drag and drop functionality.
  • Compatible with Linux.
  • Made with:
    • Python
    • easygui


  • A very light dashboard for home usage.
  • Simple and clean design using Twitter Bootstrap and some custom CSS styling.
  • Provides inspiring quotes, daily weather and local links on your network.
  • Made with:
    • HTML
    • CSS (Twitter Bootstrap)
    • JavaScript (jQuery)


  • The old webdesign for the Pronto Musica orchestra.
  • Custom responsive bilingual design.
  • Made with:
    • HTML
    • CSS