Table of Contents

  1. Python:
  2. Beginner Programming:
  3. General:

Here is a running list of links which I have found useful at one point in my development career:


Python 3: Docs for Python 3.

Sandipanweb: Data Science articles.

Awesome Python - libhunt Python: frameworks, libraries, and resources.

Tweepy API: Documentation for using Twitter with python.

PythonData: Some interesting uses and articles on data analysis in pyphon.

Full Stack Python: List of other useful resources.

Beginner Programming:

Khan Academy: Beginner to advanced math tutorials. Has some content for economics and other STEM subjects.

FreeCodeCamp: Great beginner programming site with a sense of progression.

CodeCademy: Simple learning site with an emphasis on web development.


My Bridge: Resource for many differnt areas; Programming Languages, Data Science, Machine learning, Entrepreneurship, Design, Marketing.

MongoDB Docs for using MongoDB with many languages.

JimmyR: A glorified RSS feed, with an emphasis on programming and tech news.