Posted on Thu 23 March 2017

Zim-Wiki is a personal desktop wiki for all your notes.

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  1. Zim-Wiki



Zim-wiki is a useful tool for managing notes. Originally I had been using a random assortment of text files to take notes. This worked up to a certain point, but I found the organization to be difficult and mapping connections more frustrating than it should have been.

After suffering from a small data loss, I moved from a manual backup system of text files to using vim-wiki to take notes and git version control for saving.

This system worked for a while, but I found that where monospaced fonts worked for some notes, I generally prefered to read my notes in a more traditional gui setting. Additionally, I found that while gVim works in Windows, it is somewhat out of place with the rest of my workflow.

Here is where Zim comes in. It has a nice, simplistic interface and is quite easy to setup and use. Additionally it is cross-platform and behaves identically in linux and Windows.

The only downside that I have found is that there is currently no working mobile counterpart for Android or iOS.

Zim-wiki notes can be done in Markdown, which makes styling straightforward.

Installation is also fairly easy, with either `apt-get install zim` if on linux or from here in either portable or desktop versions.

If you would like to see my notes, here are some screenshots, and you see anything interesting, grab a copy at my github.

Zim! Zim!